Owner Operator Start up Counseling- Intermodal

Looking to start your own trucking business as an owner operator? Get on the right track from an experienced owner operator!
You will hear from company drivers who will say it can not be done, and you will also hear owner ops who have failed saying it cannot be done. I myself have failed my first go around in the owner op business, but my mistakes only made me only a better driver, but a better businessman.
Before you make the move to owner op, first you should ask yourself why? I saw drivers turn owner op not realizing what they were getting themselves into. Becoming an owner operator, you must realize that you are not only a driver, but you turn yourself into a businessman, accountant (unless you hire some to track your books) and mechanical guru. You have to treat your business AS a business.
Structure your business!
Business Plan – Funding for equipment, revenue strategy, capital foundation, corporation, etc.
Business credit building- build line of credit for strong business foundation and growth.
Owner op beginners
*Why go into business for yourself?
*About Scott Neal
*Business plan with credit
*Business plan with cash

*buying the truck
*building owner op essentials
*building mechanic relationships
*working with dispatchers
* money-making strategies (haz)
*choosing a leasing company(fleet count)
*Business set up (corps)

*Personal credit building
*business credit building
*Pillars of growing a business (credit scores, cash flow, tax returns)
Start-up Expenses
Plate all 48 states $2000
Ohio plate $1450
Bob tail insurance $100
*Creating a maintenance fund account which you will contribute weekly
*Some leasing companies have a plate program and fuel card.
For more on startup counseling, email me at scottneal@nealtransit.com
Start on the right track!